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Shenzhen Bosheng CNC Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of automatic intelligent cutting equipments and accessories. Our company has been committed to development, production and sales of our products, which are widely used in the manufacturing of garment, commodities,leatherwear as well as packaging material and textile. Our portfolio includes special hardware and cutting tools, such as computer CAD automatic cutting blade knives, electric shear blade, grinding stone, circular knife. In addition, we also offer a range of accessories that are necessary for computer automatic cutting blade, such as bristle block and sealing joint strip. Recently, we also introduce several types of consumables, wearing parts, companion maintenance kits for automatic cutting blade, as well as perforated kraft paper and  PE/PO film, which are used in the cutting blade.

Our company conducts comprehensive management strictly in conformance with  “ISO9001 TS16949 Environmental Management Systems” and  “ISO14001:2004  Environmental Management Systems”. With talent and product as our top priority, we utilize state-of-the-art production equipments and overall inspection method to offer high quality parts and supreme technical service, and satisfy our customers’ need with affordable price.

Our products, including paper and automatic cutting blade knives, have grasped a certain amount of share in the international market from many countries and regions, such as Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, France, Middle East, India, Egypt, Germany, USA, Brazil, Kazakhstan  and so on. Meanwhile, we also achieve close partnership with many customers of cutting blade in the Pearl River Delta area of Guangdong Province, making us the top OEM partner of many well-known foreign brands.

We specialized in  CNC machine industry ONLY, our main products are: All spare parts, consumables suitable for auto cutter machine of Gerber(XLC7000,GT5250/S5200,GT7250/S7200,GT3250/S3200), Lectra, Yin, Taktori, Bullmer, Investronica, Kuris, FK;

such as : Gerber Spare parts , Lectra Spare parts, Yin  Spare parts Blade,Knives, CAD Drawing paper,Cutting ,Grinding Stone, Sharpener Belt,Bristle Block, Alys Ink, Plotter Pen etc.

We also offer a wide range of consumables,  such as cutting blade knives,  grinding stone,  sharpener belt,  bristle block,  alys ink, plotter pen and so on.

Our tenet is to achieve a win-win relationship with our customers through faithful cooperation. We make every effort to improve customer satisfaction with our high quality parts and supreme technical service.

Shenzhen Bosheng CNC Co., Ltd. enjoys widely acknowledged reputation for our integrity, expertise and product quality in the industry. If you are interested in partnership between us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Mobile Phone: +8613886563456 (Jacques)



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