Promising CNC Co., Ltd.

Promising CNC Co., Ltd.



We specialized in  CNC machine industry ONLY, our main products are: All spare parts, consumables suitable for auto cutter machine of Gerber(XLC7000,GT5250/S5200,GT7250/S7200,GT3250/S3200), Lectra, Yin, Taktori, Bullmer, Investronica, Kuris, FK;

such as : Gerber Spare parts , Lectra Spare parts, Yin  Spare parts Blade,Knives, CAD Drawing paper,Cutting ,Grinding Stone, Sharpener Belt,Bristle Block, Alys Ink, Plotter Pen etc.


We also offer a wide range of consumables,  such as cutting blade knives,  grinding stone,  sharpener belt,  bristle block,  alys ink, plotter pen and so on.

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