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Kf0720 Ch08-02-25w 2h3 162 * 8 *2.0mm Cutter Knife Blades Steel Suitable For Yin Cutting Machine

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  • Product Manual:Kf0720 Ch08-02-25w 2h3 162 * 8 *2.0mm Cutter Knife Blades Steel Suitable For Yin Cutting Machine

KF0720 CH08-02-25W 2H3 162 * 8 *2.0mm Cutter Knife Blades Steel Suitable For Yin cutting machine

Type: Blade knife, Consumables
Part number: KF0720 CH08-02-25W 2H3
Unit: EA
Minimum order quantity: 10pcs
Delivery time: In stock, can send out once order confirmed.
Shipping method: By International Courier service: DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS etc.

We can supply below size of blade for Lectra machine:

For Lectra model Part number Size
Suitable for VT2500/FX 801220 88x5.5x1.5mm
Suitable for VT5000 801214 296x7x2mm
Suitable for VT7000 801222 360x7x2.4mm
Suitable for VT7000 801217 360x8.5x3mm
Suitable for MP6 801274,705940 305x8.5x2.4mm
Suitable for MP9/M88 801269, 705939 364x8.5x2.4mm
Suitable for Q80 801437 364x8.5x2.4mm
Suitable for Q50/IX6 801438 305x8.5x2.4mm

We can supply below size of blade for Gerber machine:

For Gerber model Part number Size
Suitable for GT7250/S7200 21261011- 255x7.9x2.36mm
Suitable for GT7250/S7200 22217005- 255X8X1.95mm
Suitable for GT7250/S7200 78798006- 255X8.08X2.36mm
Suitable for GT5250/S5200 54782009- 195x7.9x1.96mm
Suitable for GTXL 85878000- 206x7.9x1.93mm
Suitable for S91 32419014- 254x9.7x3.17mm
Suitable for GT1000 N/A 201x7.9x1.95mm
Suitable for Spreader 101-028-051- Diameter:100mm

We can supply below size of blade for Yin machine:

Machine Part Number Blade Size

CH08-02-25W1.6G6 132 * 8 * 1.6mm
CH08-02-25W2.0H3 162 * 8 *2.0mm
CH08-02-25W2.5H3 162 * 8 * 2.5mm
-- 69 * 6 * 1.0mm

We can supply below size of blade for Bullmer machine:

Machine Part Number Blade Size
Bullmer 105935 223 * 8 *2.5mm
104450 223 * 10 * 2.5mm
108448 95 * 6 * 2mm
105934 169 * 6 * 2mm

What we can do for you:
Promising CNC is manufacturing and sells all parts products suitable
For Gerber Auto-cutter: GT7250/5250/S7200/S5200/GTXL/XLC7000/Z7/Paragon VX
For Gerber Spreader, Gerber Plotter
For Lectra Auto-cutter: Alys 20/30/60/120,VT2500/5000/7000/MP6/MP9/M88/MH8/FX
For Yin/Takatori Cutter/ Bullmer/Kuris/Investronica

Consumables: Grind Stone & Strip, Blade, Bristle ,Ink Cartridge

All kinds of Garment Paper for CAD/CAM: plotter paper, underlayer paper,kraft paper,perforated kraft paper, vacuum overlayer film, packing tissue paper,duplex board etc.
We also have below other products you may interest as well:
Spare parts and consumables suitable for other Gerber Cutter model like GT7250/S7200/GT5250/S5200/Paragon VX/Xlc7000/Z7/GT3250, Spreader SY, XLS series, Plotter AP, Infinity series.

All consumables (Cutting knife blade, grind stone, sharpening belt, bristle block) and spare parts suitable for:
Lectra cutter model: VT2500, FX, VT5000, VT7000, MP6, IX6, M88, Q80, Q25, Q50, MP9, IX9 etc.
Yin Cutter: all parts for HY-Series cutters.
Takatori cutter.
Bullmer cutter.
Investronica cutter.
Kuris cutter.
Straight knives: 8E, 10E, 11E, 12E.

Company Information

Promising CNC Industrial and Trading Development co.,ltd was established in year 2005, we are Professional in this field for 12 years!
We specialized in Auto cutter machine industry ONLY, our main products are: All spare parts, consumables suitable for auto cutter machine of Gerber, Lectra, Yin, Taktori, Bullmer, Investronica, Kuris, FK;
Our advantages are:
1- Very good and stable quality;
2- Competitive price;
3- Fast delivery time;
4- Quick response with one-stop service;
5- Technical solution support and after-sale service.

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