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  • Uncoated 80gsm Perforated kraft paper / punched Brown kraft paper
  • Uncoated 80gsm Perforated kraft paper / punched Brown kraft paper

Uncoated 80gsm Perforated kraft paper / punched Brown kraft paper

  • Product Item:Uncoated 80gsm Perforated kraft paper / punched Br
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  • Product Manual:Uncoated 80gsm Perforated kraft paper punched Brown kraft paper
Product Name: Perforated Kraft Paper Application: CAM Auto-Cutter Machine
Grammage: 80gsm Standard Width: 36"/48"/60"/63"/72"/80"
Material: Wood Pulp Weight: 25-50kg/roll
Color: Brown & White Coating: Uncoated
Shipping Method: By Sea

80gsm Perforated kraft paper , garment papers , punched kraft paper , Brown kraft paper


Suitable for CAM Auto-Cutter Machine
Material wood pulp , mixed pulp
Description Perforated kraft paper
Standard width 36"/48"/60"/63"/72"/80"
Color Brown & White
Type of holes Both Round and Triangle holes available
Weight / roll 25-50kgs (customized)
Delivery Time 7-10 days for stock items
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union , Paypal, L/C, MoneyGram

Product Features:

1.We have several different quality Perforated kraft paper from high- Medium-Economical grade. You can choose the most suitable one;

2.Our Perforated kraft paper is smooth and strong,provides very good performance and excellent air flotation on all automated cutting systems,will keep your cutting operations efficient and productive;

3.Our holes are made by Punch machines,they are to assure the air inside the fabric come out easily,so that assured the accuracy of cutting;

4.Our Perforated kraft paper is tensibility, it's not easy to tear when you pull the fabrics.


Q: 1.How do we start to cooperate?

A: We display the main items here but not all. Please send us the parts list that you need to replace for a quotation from us.

Q:2. How long can get quotation from us after sent inquiry?

A: Within 24hours for working day you will get the contacts by our sales manager. Almost 48hours for weekend or holidays you will get a reply.

Q: 3.Do you offer sample?

A:We offer sample for paper sheets.

Q: 4. How do you ship the sample?

A: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. And courier charge is paid by customer against arrival. If customer does not have courier A/C, we can help him/her by courier agent service which costs much lower than official courier. That is, customer pay us courier charge, we pay it to courier agent. We will not own any price gap. This way costs much lower but a little longer to receive the parcel.

Q:5. Do you have after-sold service?

A: Definetly we will response for the goods we shipped to you. In case any problem found, pls contact with our sales manager immediately. We will give solution for return or exchange or else. You have ZERO risk to do business with us!

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